Foundation Work

Whether you will be building over a basement or on top of a slab, it is important to have a firm foundation.  We provide a range of wall and foundation services, including trench footers and basement and retaining walls.  Our foundations are heavily reinforced and precisely executed, ensuring a solid start to your project from the ground up.

Flat Work


At Rufus H. Smith, we deal primarily in flat surfaces.  If you need a sturdy slab for home, garage, or business, and an attractive and stable walk or driveway to lead up to it, look no further!  While our main focus is stability, we ensure that every pour results in a finished product that is as beautiful as it is practical.  This means you can expect mirror-smooth surfaces for your slabs and sidewalks and driveways with gentle radius curves that are sure to accentuate any building project.  Whatever your flatwork needs, Rufus H. Smith, Inc. is committed to providing concrete surfaces that are more than just load bearers– they’re works of art.


Along with structural work, Rufus H. Smith, Inc. also specializes in decorative flat work– specifically stamped concrete. If you'd like to move beyond traditional white, broom-finished concrete, we have many exciting options to enhance even the smallest of projects. From fire pit rings to bordered driveways and benches to statue bases, our creative scope is limited only by your imagination. We even provide comprehensive backyard designs, which combine artful landscaping with our decorative concrete work. If you're envisioning a project that is both structurally sound and visually appealing, we’d love to help you start realizing your dream today.


Along with concrete work, Rufus H. Smith, Inc. can provide a myriad of other services to help you with your next project. Snow removal, remodeling, repairs, sewer and copper line trench work, and even furniture design are just a few of the services we offer. Since we do it all, all you need to do is ask!